About Us

Banyan Consulting is an international business consulting firm with successful implementations across various industries in Mexico, India & US. We offer holistic solutions to improve financial  and operational  performance of your business. Our solution  is based on Theory of constraints and our objective is to deliver sustainableresults to our clients 

We believe in a philosophy of Learn Grow and Share. Our mission is to improve lives of our clients and ours through consulting services while contributing significantly to the community we work and live.

Our values are core to our consulting delivery:

  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Humility
  • Initiative
  • Respect

Our Philosophy

An organization is like an aeroplane. It´s mechanical components require Stability so that it can fly high (Prosperity). It´s not only pilots but also entire crew and support staff on the ground that work in Harmony to ensure a safe flight. Stability, nbsp;Prosperity  and Harmony  work as three axis around which an organization moves.

When an organization finds the mid of three axis, it embarks its journey on a Transcendental path

In Banyan Consulting we are committed to help organizations improve continuously on the three axis.

Our Advantage

Banyan Consulting provides its clients with cutting edge solutions that are simple and sustainable.

Our uniqueness comes from:

  • Theory of Constraints as our guiding philosophy
  • We always create customized solutions for each client
  • Consultants with high caliber and international exposure
  • Hands-on approach during consulting delivery
  • Weekly interventions at client site